Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?      Mary Oliver

We are Andy and Rebecca, a couple with a love for nature, storytelling and travelling (we met on a bus in Guatemala) and a desire to make the very most of this one wild and precious life we have been granted.

Andy is a freelance Water & Sanitation engineer and social entrepreneur (listen here to his podcast, Finding Impact) who loves making things and learning new skills; his most recent include beer and sourdough making and mastering card tricks.

Rebecca is a novelist (click here to read more about her three books) who loves yoga and photography and may have a bit of a book addiction as starts hyperventilating if she doesn’t have a ‘next read’.

Meet the Kids



Age 11

Maya likes reading mystery and fantasy books, doing front walk-overs, crocheting and baking rhubarb lattice tarts.



Age 9

Lily likes reading comics, singing, swimming in the sea and baking chocolate cakes.



Age 7

Benji likes drawing, knitting, playing football and listening to audio books.